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About #LifeCenter™

Registered in terms Section 21 of Local Government legislation with Article 18a Exemption, the necessity to create a Safe-Haven brought about our subsidiary, Life-Center™  in 2015, and we offer a unique environment for both those needing an avenue to recover from life-issues, as well as set-back and a reintegration avenue for those not ready to face society whilst engaging in a semi-structured  Leadership-based Skills Development and Reintegration process.

With our core focus is on Leadership Development ( Spiritual, Personal, Relational, Family, Business, Social etc) we are geared at snatching millions from a life-sentence that results in death as these individuals proactively engage the new-found path towards a brighter future. Operational out of Pretoria  we foresee a great future for #YADA and #LifeCenter  Nationally as well as internationally as we set the bar for coming generations.

Our motto at Life-Center™  by which we

engage every aspect of life is

#LoveGod #LovePeople #LoveLife.

Our RootsRecovery™ Program is a program which assist the individual from a functional-Life perspective and is a minimum 12 month process.

Our program consists of 3 phases and we initiate the process with our initial foundational program. In order to re-align the individual’s through patterns.

Our “Roots 2 Recovery™” program instils a sound foundation and this process is works-orientated and allows then individual to apply the Truths learnt in an every-day working and collaborative environment in order to train themselves to replace destructive habits with meaningful ones.

Roots 2 Recovery™ Program

Our ( Halfway House) Skills Program aligns the individual through a rotational strategic selection process with their core strengths and is aimed at setting the individual on a journey where they discover and develop themselves into a meaningful functional persons who progressively contribute to their lives and those of their loved ones once they are reintegrated into society.

Many of our courses will carry accredited certification in the end showing their compliance to the skills having been acquired while with us, which allow the individual an opportunity to a better future.

Skills Transfer

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