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Ingonyama-Equipping™ & Development

Ingonyama  literally means “A Pride of Lions”. With this in mind we have set our scopes to raising up a generation of Skilled Workers, Entrepreneurs and Leaders that take pride in who they are, what they set out to achieve and accomplish in life and execute actions with excellence. We use the Micro-MBA platform to equip individuals with a SAQA accredited NQF Level 5 Diploma in the empowerment process

Our BattlePlan

Become SA’s #1 Skills Transfer Partner  towards Entrepreneurship across various sectors

Our Mission

“Equipping Our Lions with Pride”

Our Mandate

Educate, Equip &

Empower Individuals

to overcome

Ingonyama™ Equipping and Development is a partnership-Hub offering various Skill-Services to individuals that have successfully come through the #LifeCenter  Roots 2 Recovery Foundation and REACH  Program and forms the base-platform of our E3 approach (Educate, Equip and Empower Individuals)  prior to moving over to Skills-transfer semi-formal education.

Skill-Services range from Soft- to Hard-Skills across a number of platforms in the marketplace starting with a basic Leadership equipping process(Self-, Spiritual, Family, Workplace, Financial and Community Leadership programs and our desire to see individuals successfully complete their MICRO-MBA Diploma course.

This venture offers excellent exposure for both Corporate Companies and or Small Businesses who want to add value to this new generation of business people and Leaders being raised and  in-so doing enjoy significant progressive brand exposure in the process. It is impossible to equip theses individuals without the necessary recourses to do so. For more MICRO-MBA please click here

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