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Halfway Mark for Proper Biblical Reintegration


About Head Office #TeamLife™

Collectively #TeamLife brings 70+ years of experience to the table, therefore not only making us relevant, but I’m sure that every one of us have either earned a Degree, Doctorate or Masters in our fields, that is if a Recognition of Prior Learning or Time in the Industry could award one with such accreditation.

We’ve realised that individually we can run much faster, but collectively we can run further, and therefore each #TeamLife member brings their unique gifting to our program, making the collective effort even  more worthwhile in dealing with the re-integration of former in-mates and or recovery of individuals.

We have realised that we cannot lead others further than we lead ourselves and cannot ask others to do what we have not achieved ourselves; Thus as a unit we believe we are by far the best and most adhesive team in the industry, as we have both overcome addictions and have left footprints since 2004.  

We’ve learnt that we are unique, we are dynamic, we are a force to be reckoned with and will  continue to impact people, families, communities, cities and nations as the doors open for us.

We have set our scopes to a long-term goal, understanding that what we have engaged in is not a 100-meter sprint, but a marathon. We will continue to #LeadPeople even though we are #Destineering new pathways for generations to come with the purpose to #EquippingOurLions.

Thank you for taking the time to familiarize yourself with who we are and we thank you in advance for your heart and willingness to collaborate with us on our journey. We look forward to hearing form your in due course.

For His Glory not ours,

Wim Fourie                                                                                Madelein Fourie

Founder : #YADA   Youth Against Drug Abuse NPC           Non-Exec Dir : #YADA“ Youth Against Drug Abuse NPC

Founder  #LifeCenter                                                              Co-Founder  #LifeCenter

Dr Dennis Kotze   (Phd Fin)                                                     Carmen Venter

Founding Executive Director / Treasurer                         Executive Director

Tp Hlongwane                                                                         Sanet v d Walt

Executive Director / PR                                                         Program Leader - Females

Dr Marlon Adams                                                                    D Santos

House Doctor                                                                           Procurement

K Shaw                                                                                        Rico

Cognitive Biblical Counsellor                                              CSI Manager


Mr L Sofela

International Director CSI

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