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Discipleship Program


The discipleship is an “Intern”, Sober-Living Program, where “YoungLions” become part of the community, work, live, serve and learn to love like Jesus. During this time, the “Young Lions”  enter into a Theoretical Course that is planned for 10 months of the year with 2 months Practical Ministry Training, away from Life-Center whilst learning to apply the Theoretical aspects while living in the community.

Being a Disciple requires commitment to learn, study and grow, and this is indeed a wonderful opportunity to develop and for each individual to grow in their  knowledge and practical application of the Word of God.


Some of the subjects to be lectured are:

         Knowing God

          Is the Bible Reliable?

          What Makes Jesus Unique?

         Being Sure of our Relationship With Jesus

          Experience God’s Forgiveness

          Spiritual Living

          Power for Living your Spiritual Life

          Leadership Development

          Scheduling time with God

          Making Your Life Count

          Your Self Worth

          Your New Identity in Christ

          Consistent Spiritual Living

          Hinderances to Spiritual Living

          Talking with God

          Loving unconditionally

          Sharing the Good News

          Your need for Fellowship

          Living in the Light of Eternity

         Practical Ministry Training  

         Evangelism

         Prophetic Prayer

         Intercession

         Hospital Ministry

         Leadership

         Motivational Gifts

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