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Halfway Mark for Proper Biblical Reintegration


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Louw came into Life Center October 2015, battling abuse of bipolar medication along with alcohol. Louw left on January 5th 2017, and is now emplpoyed in Botswana as Expat in the Construction professionals- sector

Ryland came into Life-Center on 5 June 2016, serving the remaining part of his parole at Life-Center. He subsequently left after 12 months and is busy studying to become a boilermaker with the intent to start his own business in due course.

Gerard, former heroin user of 22 years. Now clean and free from addiction for 11 months. Top left photo when he arrived, bottom left 1 month later and top right yet another 30 days. He gained 44 kilograms since coming into Life-Center

2016 -’17 Testimonials