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My Name is Louis Erasmus i would like to give u my testimony and how it came about that i ended up back at life center.....lets kinda begin at the beginning...ive been an heroin addict for seventeen years.

i have been through all the paces and places that this demon addiction brings...ive been in about 11 rehabs and have been in prison more times than i can count...but thats a story for another time...what i would like to tell you is during december 2016 i got locked up 22nd of december for shoplifting.at this point i was living on the street for about a year and shoplifting is how i made my money to support my drug habbit.ok so i go into checkers and steal a piece of meat that i wanted to sell for my fix and got caught by the security at the door.

In prison, no one to call, as my parents didn’t want anything to do with me at that time was hell knowing no one is there for you.

On 17th of January 2017, i hear my name on the visitation list and was amazed at who this could be. I thought it could only be police or detectives because i had committed fraud so many times by giving up different names every time i got arrested.

Finally downstairs at the visiting bay and see two guys that i don’t know from a bar of soap and i think to myself " great this is definitely detectives".

The speakers at the visiting area didn’t work so well so all i could make out of what they were saying is @CRCPretoria members and wanted to introduce a rehab for one year as option..

So i assumed "ok they want to help me get into a rehab" and didn’t think much more. i went to court on the 19th of January and got released on a warning which i couldn’t believe because of all my previous convictions were on the cards.

immediately after i got out, instead of going and getting a fix, i called my dad and he called Quinton Pretorius, which were one of the 2 guys that came to visit me while i was locked up. Eventually Quinton came and fetched me at court and he told me that he is taking me to @LifeCenterSA for a year where i met the #LifeCenter family.

The moment i saw wim i thought "this is my kinda guy coz he has tattoos and speaks the language that we(young recless kids)speak" making intigration easier into #LifeCenter so i felt in my element and thought "oh well its better than prison and the streets" not knowing at that time what is yet to come.

Then part of the program, i still wasn't myself. I felt that "King Heroin as my Shepard" still calling me, enticing me to go back to my old ways. Masked to the 9's, i told them everything they wanted to hear, as we do when combating addiction, unwilling to submit, i attempted to manipulate them and made them think that i was serious about my recovery, though in my mind i was just thinking of ways to get out of this place.

Two weeks later i was too humiliated to say that i wanted to leave and decided to jump the fence. Which led me back to my source of weakness.

Now on the streets for about three days then decided this is not what i want to come back to so i went to my dads home and told him i want to go back to #LifeCenter.

Wim agreed i can come back.of course getting my last fix my dad took me back the next day of which my second sti t only lasted about five days and i was out of there again.

Once back on the streets for about two weeks i got arrested for shoplifting but only this time they caught up with all my fake names and told me that this is it this time im gonna sit for it.

Now in "nulock" for about 4 months then got sentenced another 4 months but this time to a proper correctional facility i.e pretoria central prison for a week and then got transferred to voortrekker prison in attridgeville.

One morning, about 2 weeks into my formal sentence, sitting outside in the courtyard, words that Wim's wife Mads Wim Fourie said to me the day before i ran away the second time...her words was "louis you should stop running away from what God wants to do in your life and the blessings He wants to give u through submitting to Him."

From that moment, i decided to pick up the Bible again and return to God as He was the only friend i had in prison. I was there for two months then someone signed adress for me so i finished my sentence at my parents house while being on parole.

i finished my parole but didn’t really have any direction yet of where i wanted to go with my life i only knew that i had a passion for people and helping them with breaking the cycle of addiction.

So one day in 2017 i reached out to wim again and explained to him that i want to become part of they’e vision and become part of the family again as i sensed that this is what God called me for and today i am honoured to now be trained as @YADAPretoriaSouth visionary steward and.i am back at at Life-Center and am proud to say that I’m going to be clean for a year now in march 2018. all glory to God. A seed was planted in the spirit by wim and his wife and that seed grew into a vision. a vision that i am now putting into motion with my yada and #LifeCenter family.

Ps below left is me during my wilderness and right is me today.

Thank You Jesus

Louis Erasmus

2016 -’17 Testimonials