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Vision 20/20

Our Vision as organization for 20/20 is to have grown our #CoreTeam and #LifeCommunity #HalfwayHouses to over 250 who each understand their function and positioning within the Vision.

It is our goal to train-up as many Quality Leaders, Entrepreneurs and then empower them to go out and duplicate / reach their World with the Pro-Life Message of Jesus Christ and as a result allow them to duplicate the vision and mission in their sphere of influence.

We believe that our Model will go cross-border and that we will see thousands of quality leaders, who from the onset at entering our program, did not even know they are called to Leadership, come to the realization and as a result of embracing the processes discover their purposes and intended destinies.

We see Hundreds-of-Thousands of young people come the fore to stand against Drug-addiction as we roll out with campaigns over the next few years as we #Unite4ViCtory™ not only in South Africa but in every other nation on the African continent.

Why not take hands wit us in the endeavor, to leave a legacy that will positively impact the lives of multiple generations that are still to come? If not for you, do it for them!