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The Micro-MBA course meets all the requirements for Unit Standard 14444 "Demonstrate an understanding of a general business plan and adapt it to a selected business idea," at NQF Level 1 with 7 Credits. If your organisation is accredited with one of the SETAs and you wish to add this Unit Standard to your portfolio, then you should download the alignment matrix file below, under "Downloads."

Micro-MBA diplomas are awarded to all graduates of the program, provided that they demonstrate during the 3 moths of follow-up mentoring, that they are applying what they have learned during the basic 5-day course.

After which a semi-formal graduation event elevates them to an empowerment platform

The Trainer is the natural Mentor

On this exciting 4-day course, we deal with the TASK and the PROCESS of empowering people to start or improve their small businesses.

The TASK is fairly simple. It involves learning how to assist emerging entrepreneurs as they work through the 8 simple workbooks that make up the Micro-MBA. Delegates hoping to be certificated, must complete all the workbooks prior to the first day of this course.

The PROCESS deals with the principles that are needed to bring people from a place of dependence to independence and interdependence.

Expected Outcomes of the Trainer-Mentor course

Delegates must demonstrate that they are confident and competent to offer the Micro-MBA course to their clients.

They must be able to assess objectively, whether their potential client has a viable business idea.

They must be able to follow a simple structure which enables them to assist someone who is having difficulties in their business.

They must show that they understand how to do all of the above, without making their clients dependent on them.

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These workbooks are based on what works at grassroots level. Starting in 1987, they were initially developed over a period of 6 years and have been updated at regular intervals since then. They focus on "need-to-know," rather than "nice-to-know."

The course comprises 8 workbooks, for either Traders, Producers or Service Providers, as follows:

Market Investigation

Using a Calculator


Costing and Pricing


Writing a Business Plan

Money Management

Stock Control

The workbooks are currently available in English, Afrikaans, French, Spanish and Portuguese.